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Photography telephoto camera

Telephoto digital camera <a href="">Samsung Digimax L70 Digital Camera Battery </a>means with larger optical zoom model of multiple, and multiple optical zoom, the bigger the filming of the scenery to far. Representative model is: minolta Z series, panasonic FX series, Fuji S series, kodak DX series, etc. Some of the more long lens digital camera, lenses and photographic device inside the mobile space bigger, so also more zoom multiples.

Main features:

Telephoto digital camera <a href="">Panasonic DE-993 Battery Charger</a>>main characteristics and the principle of the telescope actually almost, through the camera lens move and change the internal focal length. When we shot the distant figures or is the photographed do not wish to be disturbed, good telephoto plays out. In addition, the longer the focal length of the depth of field more shallow, and the greater the aperture of the shallow depth of field effect are same, the shallow depth of field the benefit is outstanding theme and throw the background, believe a lot of FANS in the photo are pursuing a shallow depth of field effect, so make pictures out more professional. Some of the more long lens digital camera, lenses and photographic device inside the mobile space bigger, so also more zoom multiples.

Now the digital camera zoom multiples mostly in 3 times-12 times between, the 10 meters outside can be close to 5-objects 3 meters nearly; Also have some digital camera has 10 times the optical zoom effect. Home camcorders zoom multiples in 10 times-22 times, can clearer photographed 70 meters away things. Use barlow can increase the true optical zoom multiples. If the optical zoom ratio is not enough, we can in front of a camera <a href="">Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX5 Battery Charger</a> with a barlow, its calculation method is such, a 2 times from the mirror, set in a had a 4 x optical zoom digital camera, then this one digital camera zoom multiples from originally of 1 times, 2 times, 3 times, four times as much as a 2 x, 4 x, 6 times and 8 times, namely to increase from multiple of optical zoom lens and a multiple multiplication income.

Zoom range the bigger the better?

For the whole quality of the lens is concerned, the greater the zoom range actually, the worse the quality of lens. Super zoom lens 10 times the most often meet two problem is the lens distortion and dispersion. Purple edge conditions are serious, super zoom lens is very easy in the wide Angle produce bucket deformation, and in the telephoto pillow-shaped distortion produced, although lens distortion is inevitable, but good lens will deformation control in a reasonable range.

And the bigger the multiple zoom in theory, and the camera is also more easy to produce the deformation. Of course many manufacturer also is to do a lot of hard work. Such as the manufacturer will usually for the camera <a href="">Fujifilm NP-80 Digital Camera Battery Charger</a>lens to join aspheric surface to prevent the generation of the deformation. For dispersion is manufacturer usually use an dispersion lens to avoid, such as a nikon ED lens. Along with the progress of the optical technology, the current 10 by zoom lens in fact in the optical properties should meet our taken daily needs.


For those with a 10 times the optical zoom these giant zoom digital camera, the overall level of some defects, will be the final quality and the use of user shooting cause deadly effect.

1, telephoto end focusing more slowly. As is known to all, the consumer digital cameras of autofocus technology in fact is not very leading, from speed is not ideal. This is why a lot of people use a period of consumer digital cameras for digital SLR (DSLR) reasons. And to 10 times of these machines in zoom, telephoto end automatic focus will be more test. Currently listed of these machines to see, many machines in this respect do exist defects. The main performance is not determined in focusing, or can't focus, this in the light compares <a href=""> Panasonic DE-994 Battery Charger</a>dark place is especially remarkable.

2 and holding a shaking of the time. Familiar with photography friends know most safety shutter speed this concept. Safety shutter speed is actually the reciprocal of the focal length. The so-called security, that is to say if you use shutter speed higher than security shutter speed, so the photos taken from basic won't because the hand from the control of the jitter and become blurred. If less than the speed, so is more dangerous. 10 x optical zoom because of the focal length of the digital camera is very big, so he asked us to guarantee a high when shooting the shutter speed. Otherwise it is easier to lose valuable highlights.

3, the picture quality. It is already we talked about this question. Currently listed just large zoom digital camera for, their picture quality strictly speaking and does not belong to the very good category, especially in the telephoto.

4, weight and volume. Due to 10 times of the zoom lens of digital cameras use lenses growing while the lens diameter, volume will be large, leading to the volume and weight of the camera to also can increase accordingly. Although at present there arise some of the compact design super zoom camera, but so far, not a super zoom digital camera, weight in 200 grams or less.


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